As a little girl growing up in the mid-west I discovered many tools to enable my creativity. I found that I could use my grandpa's copy machine to print off my own daily household newspaper; I frequently used my parent's home video camera to produce commercials, newscasts, talk shows, and the like; I even used Microsoft Home Publishing on our first computer so I could design things like signs and menus for my grandma's kitchen.

My interest in all things technical and creative brought me to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio-Television with honors from the School of Journalism at the University of Montana. I also received minors in Media Arts and Drama. My education provided me with the tools I need to accomplish my work and achieve my goals. But each day I continue to study as an eager learner in a world of advancing technology.

When I'm not working on freelance projects, you can find me catching up on the latest design blogs or browsing fonts for fun. And if I'm actually doing something completely non-design related, I'm probably travelling, involving myself in community theatre, dancing in Zumba or spending time with my handsome and creative fiancé.