June 24, 2011

Logo & Website for New Law Firm

I recently had the opportunity to design both a logo and a website for Boyar & Kuntz, PLLC, a new law firm in Helena, Montana. They are a firm that offers services in estate planning, probate, business planning, and tax-exempt organizations.

In order to develop their new business, they first needed to brand their firm with a simple, clean text logo. The image on the left shows the final design I created. This logo is now available to Boyar & Kuntz for use in any and all formats, such as signs, business cards, letterheads and so forth.

After creating Boyar & Kuntz’s brand, we went on to design their new website. They wanted their site to promote brand awareness and to act as an online brochure. They wanted it to be simple yet “professional while retaining a casual feel.” They also wanted their site to “inspire confidence while making the firm seem approachable.” They preferred earth tones, browns and blues.

I provided three different design concepts for Boyar & Kuntz to choose from. They quickly decided which concept they liked best and from there we developed the final website which is now live for you to see! Below is a screenshot of the site.

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