June 17, 2011

Book Cover Design

Modern design juxtaposed with historic content

The Only Good Bear by Jeanette Prodgers is hot off the press! I just received my copy in the mail, and let the truth be told, my own cover is drawing me in. I can’t wait to start reading!

A little about the design process

The publisher provided me with the bear artwork that you see on both the front and back covers. It was illustrated by Peter Grosshauser. Immediately when I saw the bear I fell in love with him and knew I could make this a great cover. (Thanks, Peter!) First, I found an amazing font to work with. (I get excited when I’m approved to work with a funky font!) Then I tried several variations of the design before we decided on the final cover–with the title on top of the bear artwork. In addition, I chose to integrate the border around the bear onto the back cover as well. To do this, I dragged the bear artwork into Adobe Photoshop and re-created a border large enough to fit around the entire back cover. To see both the front and back covers, visit www.sarahegrant.com/design.html

Get your copy of The Only Good Bear

The Only Good Bear is available on Riverbend Publishing‘s website, Amazon.com, and in stores throughout the Northwest.

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